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Online US Visa is a required travel authorization for visitors to United States for business, tourism or transit purposes. This online process for Electronic System for Travel Authorization for United States was implemented from 2009 by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. All non-citizens require a US Visa or an ESTA (Online US Visa) to enter United States.

1. Complete Online application

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3. Enter United States

What is the Online US Visa or the US ESTA Travel Authorization?

The US ESTA visa waiver is an automated system that establishes a visitor's eligibility to enter the country without a visa (VWP). All visitors from countries without a visa must have one to enter the United States of America, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands for durations of up to 90 days.

The Department of Homeland Security established this online application system in 2009 to streamline the procedure for requesting a US visa waiver for travel, business, or transit through the nation to another location.

It is a legal document that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issues to allow citizens and nationals of the nations with visa waivers to enter the country for transit, business, or tourism. For visitors coming to the United States by air or sea for stays under 90 days, an Online USA Visa is a must.

Online US Visa is similar to a tourist visa but with fewer processes and can be completed entirely online without any need to visit US embassy or consulate. The online completion of the visa application process saves time, effort, and money. The ease with which the US government has made it possible encourages transit, tourist, and business passengers.

Although ESTA requests can be made at any time prior to departure, it is advised that travelers submit their requests as soon as they start making travel arrangements or before booking their flights. All youngsters, whether accompanied or unattended, must get an independent ESTA approval.

Where can I apply for the US Visa Online or the US ESTA Travel Authorization?

Visit US Visa Application Form to submit an online application.

The USA is one of many nations throughout the world that offer Electronic Authorization. To apply for an Online US Visa, you must come from a country that doesn't require a visa or is part of Visa-Waiver program.

The number of nations that are eligible for the benefit of an Online US visa, or ESTA, is always growing. The US government views this as the preferred method for requesting a short-term visa.

Your application will be reviewed by immigration agents at CBP (Customs and Border Protection), and after it is accepted, they will email you to inform you that your Online US Visa has been accepted. All that's left to do is get to the airport after this.

You don't need to send or courier your passport to the embassy or get it stamped. You can board a cruise ship or an aircraft. The Online US Visa that was emailed to you can be printed out for security's sake, or you can maintain a soft copy on your phone or tablet.


Other Key Points about Online US Visa

Visitors from 40 different nations who take part in the US visa waiver programme can access the ESTA for the US. It makes it possible for eligible nationals to visit the US for tourist or business without needing a visa.

Passengers need only complete a brief online form to be granted an approved ESTA that is connected to their passport. Biographical data and responses to VWP eligibility questions are gathered through the ESTA application. It only requires a few minutes to finish this.

A multiple-entry travel authorization is an accepted ESTA. Its validity duration, which is 2 years from the date of issue or until the current passport expires, meaning the holder may visit the United States more than once during that time.

If the traveler receives a new passport, changes his or her name, gender, nationality, or any of the questions on the ESTA application that require a "yes" or "no" response, a new ESTA is necessary. It is also necessary if the circumstances underlying the traveler's prior answers to any of the questions have changed.

Do I need Online US Visa?

Most foreign nationals must either have an Electronic Travel Authorization or a US Visa, according to United States visa laws, in order to enter the country. Through a quick online application travellers to the United States can obtain one of two types of electronic travel permission.

The nationality of the traveler's passport determines the type of Electronic Travel Authorisation required to visit the United States.

  • US ESTA Travel Authorization
  • EVUS Electronic Travel Authorization

All visa-exempt nations covered by the US visa waiver programme who are travelling to the USA by air, land, or sea must complete an electronic travel authorization, or ESTA.

Electronic Visa Update System is known as EVUS. Currently, only holders of Chinese passports and valid B1/B2 US visas are required to register with this online system before entering the US.

For your journey to the US, be sure to apply online for the appropriate travel authorization.

Applying for the Online US Visa Application or the US ESTA Travel Authorization

The entire procedure, including application, payment, submission, and receiving notification of the application's outcome is carried out online. The applicant must complete the US Visa Application form with all necessary information, including contact information, employment information, passport information, and further background data such as health and criminal history.

No of their age, everyone visiting the United States must complete out this form. After filling out the application, the applicant must pay the US Visa Application fee using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account before submitting the form. Most choices are made within 48 hours, and the applicant is notified by email, however processing in some circumstances could take several days or even a week.

It is preferable to submit your US Visa Online application as soon as your travel arrangements are finalized and no later than 72 hours before your scheduled entry into the US. The final decision will be sent to you through email, and if it is not accepted, you can try applying for a US visa at the embassy or consulate that is closest to you.

What happens after entering my details for the US ESTA Travel Authorization?

After you have completed the US Visa Application Online Form with all of your personal information, a CBP (Customs and Border Protection) Visa Officer will use this data, along with security measures in your country of origin and through Interpol databases, to determine whether or not the applicant is eligible for the US Visa Online.

Only 0.2% of applicants are denied entry, while the remaining 99.8% of applicants must go through the US Embassy's traditional paper-based visa application process. These individuals cannot obtain an Online US Visa (or ESTA). They do have the choice to reapply through the US embassy.

What are the purposes of the US ESTA Travel Authorization?

If your travel is for any of the following reasons, you can apply for an Online US Visa:

  • Transit or layover: If you simply intend to travel to the US for a connecting flight and do not wish to enter the country, the Online US Visa Online is the best option for you.
  • Tourist activities: This kind of Online US Visa Online is appropriate for people who want to enter the country to travel, sight-seeing and leisure.
  • Business: The Online US Visa Online will grant you entrance into the US for up to 90 days if you are planning a brief journey from Singapore, Thailand, India, etc. to conduct business in the US.
  • Work & Visit Family: Electronic Authorization or ESTA will permit entrance for up to 90 days if you intend to visit friends or family who are already in the country with a valid visa or residency. We advise considering a US visa from the Embassy for individuals who have longer stays planned, such an entire year in the US.

Who can apply for the US Visa Online or the US ESTA Travel Authorization?

The following nationalities are excluded from needing a traditional/paper visa in order to enter the United States for travel, transit, or business purposes. Passport holders of these countries must instead apply for an Online US Visa.

To enter the United States, Canadian citizens simply need their Canadian passports. However, Canadian Permanent Residents may need to apply for a US visa online if they aren't already citizens of one of the nations listed below.

What are the complete eligibility requirements US Visa Online or the US ESTA Travel Authorization?

There are very few criteria for appling for the US Visa online. The prerequisites below should be met by you.

  • You are in possession of a current passport from a nation that is part of Visa-Waiver program.
  • Your journey must be for one of the following three reasons: transit, tourist, or business (e.g., business meetings).
  • To receive the Online US Visa, your email address must be valid.
  • You need to have a Debit or Credit card to make online payment.

What are the complete eligibility requirements US Visa Online?

The following details are required from US Visa Online applicants while completing the online US Visa Application Form:

  • Name, birthplace, and date of birth are examples of personal data.
  • Passport number, issue date, and expiration date.
  • Information about previous or dual nationality.
  • Contact details like an email and address.
  • Employment information.
  • Parent information.

Things to remember before you apply for the Online US Visa or the US ESTA Travel Authorization

Travellers who want to apply for a US visa online must meet the requirements listed below:

A valid travel-ready passport

The passport of the applicant must remain valid for at least three months after the departure date, which is the day you leave the United States.

In order for a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer to stamp your passport, there should also be a blank page on it.

You must also have a valid passport, which can be either an ordinary passport or an official, diplomatic, or service passport issued by one of the qualifying nations, since your electronic visa for the United States would be attached to it if it is accepted.

Valid email address

A working email address is necessary since the applicant will obtain USA Visa Online via email. Visitors planning to travel can fill out the form by clicking here to access the US Visa Application Form.

Method for Payment

A valid Credit/Debit card is necessary because the USA Visa Application form is only accessible online and does not have a printed counterpart.

Note: Rarely, the border control may inquire further about the lodging address in order to support the ESTA paperwork needed.

How long does the US Visa Online application or the US ESTA Travel Authorization take to process?

Applying for an US visa online is advised at least 72 hours before your intended entry date.

Validity of the US Visa Online

The maximum validity of the USA Visa Online is two (2) years from the date of issue, or less if the passport it is electronically connected to expires earlier than two (2) years. You are only permitted to stay in the United States for a total of 90 days at a time with an electronic visa, but you are permitted to return to the nation many times while it is still valid.

The length of time you are actually permitted to stay at a time, however, will be determined by the border officials based on the reason for your visit and will be stamped on your passport.

Entry into the United States

You must have an electronic visa for the US in order to travel to the US, as you cannot board any flight to the US without one. Even if you have a valid Electronic US Visa, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (C.B.P.) or border officers may refuse you admission at the airport.

  • The border officials will check your passport if you do not have all your documents in order at the time of entry.
  • If you pose a risk to your health or finances
  • If you have a criminal/terrorist background or previous immigration problems

You should be able to apply for a US visa online quite easily if you have all the necessary paperwork prepared and meet all the requirements for an electronic visa for the United States. The application form is clear and simple.

Documents that holders of US Visa Online might be requested at the US border

Means of supporting themselves

The applicant can be requested to show proof that they can support themselves financially and during their stay in the United States.

Return or onward airline ticket.

The applicant might be asked to provide evidence that they intend to depart the US once the trip for which they applied for a US Visa Online is complete.

The applicant may choose to present proof of cash and the capability to purchase an onward ticket in the future if they do not already have one.

What is the EVUS Electronic Travel Authorization?

The US government launched the Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS) in 2016, an electronic travel permission scheme for Chinese nationals holding a 10-year B1/B2, B1 or B2 (visitor) visa periodically to update basic biographic information to facilitate their travel to the United States.

However, in addition to getting an EVUS authorisation, holders of People's Republic of China passports also require a visa into the United States.

Chinese passport holders who already hold one of the B1 (temporary business visitor), B2 (temporary leisure visitor), or the multi-purpose B1/B2 visas must register for EVUS (temporary business and leisure visitor).

Chinese nationals are required to complete a brief online application to register for EVUS. To complete the form, applicants must supply basic passport and biographical data as well as respond to a few security-related questions, including the address of the final destination in the United States.

The applicant obtains an accepted US EVUS authorization that is electronically connected to their passport once the EVUS enrollment is complete.

An authorized EVUS registration is a multiple entry travel permission that is valid for two years from the date of issuance and entitles the holder to numerous entries into the United States during that time.

Although the majority of EVUS enrollments are completed in a matter of minutes, potential users are recommended to register online well in advance because completion can take up to 24 hours.

All Chinese nationals travelling to the US on a valid 10-year B1, B2, or B1/B2 visa must possess a current, approved EVUS to receive a boarding pass and cross a US land border.

Before submitting the EVUS application, a Chinese citizen must apply for and receive a visa for the USA from an embassy or consulate. However, Chinese visitors possessing US visas other than the B-class type visa with a 10-year validity do not have to file for EVUS.

EVUS Electronic Travel Authorization requirements

The EVUS visa criteria must first be satisfied before submitting an EVUS enrolment. To apply for EVUS, Chinese nationals must possess a valid 10-year B1, B2, or B1/B2 U.S. visa.

The following EVUS application conditions must be fulfilled by those who are required to enrol:

  • Chinese passport that is still valid at least six months after the intended stay in the United States
  • A valid B1, B2, or B1/B2 visa for the United States
  • A working email address where you can get notifications and updates.

Travelers having an approved EVUS must show their passport they used to complete their application because the EVUS membership is electronically connected to this passport upon entering the United States.

A fresh application needs to be made if the holder changes passports while the EVUS is still valid.

As long as they arrive before the expiration date, EVUS holders are permitted to stay in the United States after the EVUS's validity period has ended.

For travel to the United States, Chinese nationals do not need to submit an EVUS application if they have a visa that is not a B-class type.

Who can apply for the US Visa Online or the EVUS Electronic Travel Authorization?

Only travelers from China are eligible to apply online for the Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS) electronic travel authorization.

Benefits of Applying Online


Services Paper method Online
24 / 365 Online Application.
No time limit.
Application revision and correction by visa experts before submission.
Simplified application process.
Correction of missing or incorrect information.
Privacy protection and safe form.
Verification and validation of additional required information.
Support and Assistance 24/7 by E-mail.
Email Recovery of your US Visa Online in case of loss.
No additional Bank transaction charges of 2.5%.